One day, not so long ago, four cousins set themselves the challenge of creating
the ultimate pop-up experience.
Their thinking was simple.

Combine food with art, music and interactive theatre and you have a memorable evening.

Add one of London's most exciting young chefs to the mix and you have an unforgettable evening.

Top up with strong liquor and you have Mile High.

The team are, from left to right, Oliver Templeton, Anna Templeton, Will Templeton and Ed Templeton.

Oliver's one true passion in life is "filleting fish". He was born to cook and his creativity and imagination in the kitchen have won him countless admirers, at Moro and beyond.

With a wealth of experience in television and events, Anna is the driving force behind Mile High. Give her a task and Anna will deliver on time, every time. She's also very patient when it comes to keeping the boys in check.

With a background in music, mixing and Full Retard Weekenders,
William J. brings the vital ingredient to the table - how to put on a party to remember.

A veteran of both sides of the bar, Edward W. can shake a mean cocktail. Or stir, depending on tastes. No surprise then that he ended up in advertising.